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Tribal Nations in Wisconsin

This collection of resources is intended to support early childhood professionals as well as other service providers working with Indigenous children, their families, and their communities. Here you can learn more about the Tribal Nations in Wisconsin and find resources that will help you make connections to children’s cultures, languages, values, and experiences and help you foster culturally responsive environments, practices, and partnerships.

Maps of Wisconsin’s Tribal Lands
Explore whose tribal lands and which nations are located closest to you using the maps at Wisconsin First Nations

Wisconsin American Indian Nations and Tribal Communities
The following links are to the official websites for each of Wisconsin's 11 federally recognized American Indian nations and tribal communities. These websites provide information about each nation or community, including news, resources, and contacts. *Note, the Brothertown Indian Nation is also included but is not a federal or state-recognized American Indian nation.

PBS Wisconsin
The Ways is a production of PBS Wisconsin. This resource shares stories on culture and language from Native communities around the central Great Lakes region.

Tribal Histories features tribal storytellers sharing the culture and oral traditions that have shaped their communities across generations. The series of half-hour programs presents the histories of all eleven federally recognized American Indian tribes and bands located in Wisconsin, plus one tribe that is seeking to regain its federal status.

Updated 1/24/2023

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