About WI Early Childhood Collaborating Partners

WECCP History

WECCP was started in 1994 and focuses on collaboration among diverse early childhood partners and exists now as a 'braided' funding effort among three state agencies:

  • Department of Public Instruction (DPI),
  • Department of Children and Families (DCF) and
  • Department of Health Services (DHS)

The WECCP website serves as the collaborative source of information on issues of cross-sector interest, state initiatives, and research-based practices. Regional Collaboration Coaches have been in place since 2004 connecting, building and sustaining cross-sector systems around the state and regionally. In July of 2018 transition to a new outreach structure will begin with the anticipation of the structure being in place by the fall of 2018. This new structure will continue the work of the Regional Collaboration Coaches and support ongoing cross-sector professional development and improvement activities.

WECCP Structure


  • Influences the work of the Cross Sector Early Childhood Professional Development Initiative (PDI)
  • Supports the use of the WI Core Competencies for Professionals Working with Young Children and their Families (2014)
  • Connects with the current work of the Governors Early Childhood Advisory Council
  • Highlights essential content areas for collaboration as defined by the main menu tabs on this website

Our WI Early Childhood Collaborating Partners Outreach Team is now complete. If you have any questions about any of the team positions, their roles or responsibilities, please do not hesitate to contact me or any of the team members directly.

Sherry W. Kimball, Early Childhood Consultant
WI Department of Public Instruction (DPI)
[email protected]


Updated 1/17/2020

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