Learning Experiences, Strategies, & Curriculum


“An understanding children’s learning that is grounded in scientific inquiry and research will enable teachers to reinforce and enhance good learning and to offer the best possible education experiences.” Wendy L. Ostroff from Understanding How Young Children Learn  

Grounded in research, The 12 Guiding Principles of Child Development & Learning That Inform Practice  form the foundation from which early care and education providers implement developmentally appropriate practices and strategies, create environments to facilitate and nurture development, and build the capacities of children so that they can be successful in the world.

The benefits of participating in high quality early learning environments are sustained when there is connection with programs supporting children ages 5-8. Importance of Aligning 4K & 5K in Wisconsin document and its accompanying powerpoint, 4K -5K Alignment in Wisconsin, explain why the systemic approach to learning across early childhood is important for Wisconsin’s young learners.


Updated 2/8/2018

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