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Early Childhood Learning & Knowledge Center (website) Head Start offers a suite of webpages and resources to support all early learning programs in selecting, evaluating, and implementing high-quality curricula.

Guidelines for Selecting High-Quality Curriculum for Young Children (pdf)

Rubric (pdf) - guide when evaluating the quality and completeness of any early childhood curriculum framework.



Child Care Information Center (CCIC) (webpage) - a mail-order lending library & information clearinghouse serving anyone in WI working in the field of child care & early childhood education. 

Content-Rich Instruction in Preschool (website) - 5 research-based principles are described to support content-rich preschool learning environments so that the knowledge gap can be closed.

REC and the Project Approach to Learning (video) - various components of the project approach are described.

The Lunch Project (webpage) - article describes in detail a lunch project undertaken by a class of 3-5 yr old preschool children. Following the description of the school & the goals of the project, the article presents the 3 phases, teacher’s reflections, and photos to document the project.

Animals & Occupations: Why Theme-Based Curricula Work (webpage) - Describes why integrated, thematic learning works and how a preschool teacher can implement theme-based curricula.


Updated 1/21/2020

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