Every Child Beginning at Birth Will Be Healthy, Nurtured, Safe and Successful

The vision of Collaborating Partners is that all children in Wisconsin will receive the necessary services and family supports to attain their optimal developmental potential during the critical early years from birth through age five.

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Featured Professional Development Events



Feb 19 through April 9
WI Early Childhood Special Education 'After School Webinar Series for Indicators 12, 6 & 7

Applications being accepted through April 18, 2014 - Capstone Certificate Program in Infant, Early Childhood and Family Mental Health

April 24 - 25
Circles of Life Conference, Madison

April 28 – 29
Pyramid Model Academy-Infant Toddler, Milwaukee

Apr 30 - May 1
Pyramid Model Academy- Preschool, Milwaukee

May 6-7
Play Based Assessment and Curriculum w/ Toni Lindner, Madison

June 16-17
WI Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Conference, Elkhart Lake


March 2013 PEC Conference Program w/ Handouts