Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards

WMELS Trainings

The Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards (WMELS) trainings will provide participants with an opportunity to understand the WMELS so that they will be able to build a foundation for high-quality care & education for all children from birth to the beginning of 1st grade. Participants learn how to apply the WMELS Performance Standards to determine what children should know & be able to do, plan learning experiences, provide supportive environments & collect data to ensure that all children are learning & making progress.

Goals of the WMELS Training:

  1. To provide opportunities for participants to learn how to use the WMELS to guide the determination of developmentally appropriate curriculum, daily activities & assessment.
  2. To assist early care & education providers and families in developing an understanding of the WMELS developmental domains, developmental expectations, performance standards, developmental continuum & program standards.
  3. To utilize the "Teaching Cycle" of assessment, planning & implementation as a framework for applying the WMELS in early care & education.
  4. To provide opportunities for participants to learn how to use the WMELS to design care & learning environments & to support adult/child relationships that enhance optimal learning experiences for young children.
  5. To provide professionals & families with an understanding of the connections between WMELS and:
    • Wisconsin readiness Indicators
    • Existing performance standards
    • Existing program standards


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Updated 09/12/2021

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