Family & Community Engagement

4K Community Approaches

The goal of the community approach is to achieve emotional, educational, societal & medical well-being of all children. This approach:

  • Blends funding of public and private resources to distribute learning programs & resources community-wide more efficiently.
  • Allows families options in providing quality care & education to all 4-yr-olds, regardless of ability or family income.
  • Preserves the health of the child care system in the community while generating additional state funds for the community to educate 4-yr-olds.
  • Brings together community leaders representing business, schools, child care, Head Start, parents, recreation & parent education to explore the issues & sustain the benefits of community-based approaches to 4K.

More information about 4K & community approaches can be found on the WI Dept of Public Instruction 4K webpages.


Updated 2/16/2018

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