Screening & Assessment


Observation, Screening, and Assessment (OSA) is 1 of the 12 content areas identified within the 2014 WI Core Competencies for Professionals Working with Young Children and their Families. This competency focuses on professionals using appropriate tools and methods for understanding child interactions, knowledge, and skills, as a means to support the child’s development and make appropriate referrals for further evaluation.

The Observation, Screening, and Assessment competency is used to support early care & education professionals develop the skills necessary to ensure a strong system of screening and assessment is established in their setting. When professionals understand the purposes of screening & assessing young learners, and the necessity for professional training on the use of standardized, reliable and valid tools, including interpretation of the results & conversations with families, there is a greater likelihood that children with delays in development will be identified earlier. The strategic use of screening and assessment data also drives the teaching & learning process toward improved student outcomes.

Comprehensive and Aligned System for Early Childhood Screening and Assessment: Wisconsin’s Blueprint 3rd Ed, (pdf) 2016 – Provides information & resources to build a strong system of screening & assessment, ensuring children are provided what they need from professionals across disciplines. The Blueprint also provides recommendations for the selection of Developmental Screening Tools and Published Assessment Tools. The PPT (pdf) from PEC 2017 provides historical context and support its use within communities. Summary of Blueprint (pdf)


Updated 11/08/2022