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Financing Community Approaches to 4-Year-Old-Kindergarten (pdf) - WI Dept of Public Instruction, rev 2009 – A funding guide collaboratively developed to address the fiscal roles & responsibility for school districts & partnering child care or Head Start programs. The guide includes sections about understanding the funding sources categories to consider, funding implications for each program, sample inter-agency agreements & other resources. For more information please visit WPDI 4K Start Up Grants webpage.

Financing for Community Approaches to Four-Year-Old Kindergarten (Linsmeier, 2008)
A funding guide to assist in determining the costs allocated to child care programs partnering to deliver 4K community approaches. The Questionnaire & Budget Worksheets were first developed by David Linsmeier, Executive Director, Mary Linsmeier Schools, Inc, while working on a Community Based Committee formed by the Fond du Lac School.

This information has been used by in consultation with several school districts including: Union Grove, Whitewater, and Hartland Lakeside. The sample data is a compilation of data from those districts. The revenue and expenses change from year to year & from community to community. There are 2 parts to the material:

1. The questionnaire lists information that school districts & community agencies need to collect to compile the budgets. 

2. The Budget spreadsheet contains 3 tabs in the spreadsheet. The first is 4K Operating Budget, second, School District Revenue & Expenses, third is Community Agency Revenue and Expenses. The spreadsheet has sample data & uses formulas to calculate the budget. The cells highlighted in yellow can be changed so they reflect the revenue & expenses in a particular community.

Diversity, Equity & Cultural Competence (webpage) - NAEYC’s website helps states & programs address diversity, equity & cultural competence at every stage of a child’s development

Wisconsin Shares Program (webpage) The WI Dept of Children & Families provides information regarding this opportunity for low-income families so early care & education programs remain in compliance with use of these funds.


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