WI T-TAP Competencies

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Professional Guidance: WI T-TAP Competencies 

Competencias del Profesional de Capacitación y Asistencia Técnica (T-TAP) de Wisconsin

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The Wisconsin Training and Technical Assistance Professional (T-TAP) Competencies For Early Childhood and Related Professionals Working with Adults define the relevant knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed by T-TA Professionals. The T-TAP Competencies are organized into seven areas:

I: Building Relationships
II: Communication
III: Professionalism and Ethics
IV: Adult Learning Principles
V: Planning Learning Opportunities for Adults
VI: Delivering Learning Opportunities for Adults
VII: Continuous Quality Improvement

The T-TAP Competencies are not intended to be an exhaustive list; rather, they provide general guidance for best practices when working with professionals who directly serve young children and their families.


The WI T-TAP Competencies have been designed as a framework that complements other professional development systems. Here are some examples of how the WI T-TAP Competencies are being used:


  • to provide continuity across sectors for T-TA to the workforce
  • to inform, guide, and evaluate professional development opportunities that support T-TA Professionals
  • to support T-TA Professionals in career pathways by providing content for three courses recognized by the Wisconsin Registry for Institutions of Higher Education to support students


  • for Communities of Practice
  • to support new and existing T-TA Professionals
  • for evidence-based and high-quality practices in T-TA
  • for contract language for proposals for T-TA


  • for personal and professional growth
  • for organizations to support employees involved in T-TA
  • for 4K Community Approaches to support teachers and other staff
  • for linkages to K-12 (WI DPI Educator Effectiveness System and Administrator Standards), National AfterSchool Association Core Competencies For Afterschool Trainers, and Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Early Childhood Systems Core Competencies (MCH Navigator).

Background: The Wisconsin Training and Technical Assistance Professional (T-TAP) Competencies were created on behalf of the WI Early Childhood Cross-Sector Professional Development Initiative (WI PDI). 



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