PD Packages


Serving Homeless Families in Early Care & Education Programs Toolkit (pdf) - This toolkit was created to help early care & education professionals gain knowledge about federal policy and practices used to support families experiencing homelessness. The toolkit includes information and resources to support children and families experiencing homelessness.

Supporting Children and Families Experiencing Homelessness (webpage) - These 8, interactive modules from the Head Start Early Learning and Knowledge Center are intended to support professionals in understanding the law as well as learning how to identify families experiencing homelessness, conduct community outreach, and partner with families and communities. Each module takes approximately 30 min. to complete.
McKinney-Vento Training Module - (online module) From the WI DPI, this 30-minute training module is designed to coordinate with other resources available to support the Education of Homeless Children & Youth.

Updated 1/09/2024

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