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1/18/17 - Toxic Stress & The Homeless Family (no webinar link) Resources from Webinar (doc)

8/3/16 - Supporting Children & Families Experiencing Homelessness (YouTube)- Expanding access to critical supports through the Child Care Development Block Grant Re-authorization.  CCDBG Downloadable PPT (pdf)

4/3/16 - Serving Young Children Under McKinney - Vento: Grant Funded Districts Share Their Strategies (YouTube)


Serving Homeless Families in Early Care & Education Programs Toolkit Modules - (online) created by the WI State Task Force on Homelessness in Early Childhood these modules are companions for the Toolkit & can be used to help early care & education professionals gain knowledge about federal policy and practices used to support families experiencing homelessness. 

McKinney-Vento Training Module - (online module) From the WI DPI, this 30 min training module is designed to coordinate with other resources available to support the Education of Homeless Children & Youth.

Updated 8/13/2018

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