Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards

WMELS Training: Find a Trainer

More than 90 Approved WMELS Trainers are available to do training in your area of Wisconsin. WMELS Approved Trainers include: child care providers, teachers (classroom & higher education), program support personnel, technical assistance personnel & administrators that represent the full-range of services offered to young children birth to 1st grade. The 15-18 hour training is offered over a period of days e.g. 2 full days, 3 part days, 5+ or more parts (2-3 hrs) of days or in evenings. WMELS Trainings are available for University & Technical College Credit.

The WMELS Approved Trainers experienced a rigorous approval process. The process includes an application, attending a WMELS Training & completing one or more WMELS Training with a mentor. WMELS Approved Trainers commit to co-facilitating training in partnership with other WMELS Approved Trainers. 

For more information about becoming a WMELS Approved Trainer, contact:
Tiffany Swain, [email protected]

Updated 10/14/2019

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