Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards

Family Engagement

Engaging Families Around WMELS is a training curriculum developed to support families understanding of the standards, domains of development and developmentally appropriate expectations for children birth to first grade. The training content introduces developmentally appropriate practice, importance of children’s play, children’s stages of learning & early childhood assessment practices.

Engaging Families Around WMELS provides individuals who have completed the full WMELS training with a strategy for sharing the information they have learned with the families they serve in their program or classroom. “Engaging Families Around WI Model Early Learning Standards” includes: training curriculum organized into 4 one-hour sessions; 6 handouts & 6 WMELS Family Tip Sheets.

Engaging Families around WMELS
Training Curriculum

Family Tip Sheets Birth - 1st Grade
Using WMELS Family Tip Sheets (pdf)
Approaches to Learning (pdf)
Cognition & General Knowledge (pdf)
Health & Physical Development (pdf)
Language Development & Communication (pdf)
Social Emotional Development (pdf)

HO#1 North, South East & West (pdf)
HO#2 Focus Child Web (pdf)
HO#3 My Teacher Wants to Know (pdf)
HO#4 Stages of Learning (pdf)
HO#5 Discussion Questions (pdf)
HO#6 Developmental Observation - How can you help me learn to love books (pdf)

WI Model Early Learning Standards 5th Edition, WI Model Early Learning Standards Bookmarks, Milestone Moments Booklet and Stages of Learning Toy Bags used during the training can be ordered from the Child Care Information Center (CCIC)  or call 1-800-362-7353.

Upon completion of Engaging Families Around WMELS training or use of training content in home visits/other work with families, the Engaging Families Around WI Model Early Learning Training Report Form must be completed by the Lead Approved Trainer & submit within 2 weeks of the event to:

Tiffany Swain,
WECCP Early Childhood Content & Outreach Specialist
4K and 4K Community Approach

[email protected]


Updated 10/29/2019

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