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State Team Updates

The WI Pyramid Model State Leadership team is comprised of 2 groups with distinct but interconnected responsibilities. The Core Leadership team is a smaller group more closely connected to procedural decision-making. They connect with the larger Advisory Leadership Team (larger group of people/organizations invested in the vision of the Pyramid Model Initiative).

Both groups support the Vision of the Wisconsin Pyramid Model: The State of Wisconsin will have comprehensive, cross-disciplinary professional development to support professionals working to ensure the social and emotional well-being of infants, young children, and their families.

*Pyramid Model State Advisory meeting scheduled for Oct 30, 2019


2018 Annual Report (pdf) released Spring 2019
2016-17 Annual Report (pdf) released Winter 2018
2015 Annual Report (pdf) released Spring 2016
2014 Annual Report (pdf) released Spring 2015
2012-13 Annual Report (pdf) released Winter 2014


01-14-20 CORE Leadership Team Update (pdf)
10-30-19 CORE State Pyramid Model Leadership Team Update (pdf) 
10-30-19 ADVISORY State Pyramid Model Leadership Team Update (pdf)

1-9-19 State Update (pdf) 
10-23-18 State Update (pdf)
06-20-18 State Update (pdf)
01-09-18 State Update (pdf)
11-9-17 State Update (pdf)
4-20-17 State Update (pdf)
1-12-17 State Update (ppt)
4-28-16 State Update (ppt)

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