WI Pyramid Model


Program-wide adoption of the Pyramid Model refers to a systematic and intentional effort within a program to implement Pyramid Model practices. Program-wide implementation is the most effective way to change practice, reduce challenging behaviors, and support social and emotional development of all children in your program.

Steps to becoming WI Pyramid Model program-wide implementation site:

  1. Secure an approved trainer to train all staff on evidence-based practices promoted by the Pyramid Model
  2. Get administrator and staff buy-in
  3. Determine members of your program leadership team and assess the program’s readiness as a team using the application and readiness checklist
  4. Submit your application. Applications for the new cohort will be posted on the Pyramid Model About Page
  5. Applications will be reviewed by committee and your team will be provided with detailed feedback
  6. External coaching support is secured
  7. Internal coach attends 2-day TPOT reliability training
  8. Program leadership team attends Pyramid Model Implementation Academy
  9. Program leadership team works with the external coach to implement the Pyramid Model in the program

For more information on the program-wide implementation, please watch this brief YouTube presentation.

The Pyramid Model State Leadership Team is a cross-disciplinary team of professionals serves as an advisory committee to oversee Pyramid Model implementation in the state. In addition to the state leadership team, 4 work groups have been formed to tackle specific tasks.

Updated 1/6/2020

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