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WI Pyramid Model for Social and Emotional Competence: About

The early years of life present a unique opportunity to lay the foundation for healthy development. It is a time of great potential and of great vulnerability. The first years are shaped by the relationships the child has.

Children who have delays in social and emotional development are at higher risk for abuse and neglect, they don’t do well in preschool/child care settings and they don’t do well in school. These children are at a higher risk for learning/behavioral problem and juvenile delinquency. Pyramid Model is a way to change a trajectory of that child’s life! Pyramid Model is an evidence based prevention/intervention framework that prevents challenging behaviors and promotes healthy social and emotional development by supporting positive relationships, creating engaging environments, providing concrete teaching strategies, and if/when needed creating individualized interventions for children.

It is a relationship-based model that focuses on evidence based practices that are implemented in a systems change way. In 2009, the State of Wisconsin won a competitive process to become a Pyramid Model state. There are a number of programs in the state that are working on the program wide implementation of the Pyramid Model. A collaborative cross-disciplined state leadership team is guiding the state efforts around the implementation.

Pyramid Model is a way to enhance quality of care and promote optimal well-being for all children. It gives us evidence based practices to ensure a healthy foundation for future success.

Overview of the Wisconsin Pyramid Model: link to video

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