PD Packages

Family Engagement

Talk With Me Baby (webpage) - Free 8-session certification course includes multimedia content from the Harvard Center on the Developing Child to help early care & education providers empower & support families to engage in meaningful conversations with their young children to advance their language & lifelong learning. Available through Cox Campus & The Rollins Center for Language & Literacy.

Facilitating Change: Conversations That Help (webpage) From the Office of Head Start. In this training presentation, learn more about developing conversational skills that help strengthen relationships with families & encourage growth & change. Find resources that include key messages & learning outcomes. The training includes PPT slides, notes & a script for each slide, along with descriptions of activities & discussions. Also, find a suggested agenda & associated handouts, including an evaluation form. These training materials can be used in full or in part by section.

Community Engagement Simulation: Boosting School Readiness through Effective Family Engagement Series (webpage) HeadStart ECLKC

Family Service Credential (webpage) From Portage Project

Updated 2/15/2018

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