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The Arts in Early Education: Social-Emotional Benefits of Arts Participation: A Literature Review and Gap-Analysis (pdf) 2000-2015 - National Endowment for the Arts reviews existing research on the potential benefits of arts participation for children from birth to 8 yrs old.

Fine Arts and Creativity - (webpage) Supporting the WI Education Standards j, k, & l, WDPI provides resources, research items & examples of creative practices that enhance the overall educational development of learners through participation in; dance, media arts, music, theater, & visual arts.


Community GroundWorks (webpage) Housing the Wisconsin School Garden Network this website offers support for new and existing gardens at schools, early care and education centers, and after school sites. (webpage) is devoted to early learning environmental education resources, events and opportunities throughout Wisconsin.


Early Learning and Educational Technology Policy Brief (webpage) (2016) The US Depts of Education, Health & Human Services developed in consultation with the American Academy of Pediatrics, released a policy brief on the use of technology with early learners to help families and early educators implement active, meaningful and socially interactive learning. Includes a call to action for researchers and technology developers, highlighting topics for further research and encouraging the development of research-based products.

The Use of Technology to Support EC Practice: Protecting Child, Parent, and Practitioner Privacy - 2016 (pdf) - This brief presents some best practices that can guide early childhood programs in evaluating the use of online services to support practitioners in their work with children and families.

Fred Rogers Center: Initiative for Digital Media & Learning (website) The Digital Media & Learning Initiative aims to provide children and adults 21st century learning & interaction skills by providing professional development opportunities and technology resources that support early childhood development.

National Association for the Education of Young Children (website) This website provides position statements, examples of best practices, and other resources to promote appropriate use of technology with young children.

Technology in Early Childhood Center at Erikson Institute (website) The TEC Center provides resources for T/TA providers, early childhood educators, and families so that informed decisions about technology use with young children can be made.

Updated 2/15/2017