Curriculum and Assessment: Child Assessment

Comprehensive and Aligned System for Early Childhood Screening and Assessment: Wisconsin's Blueprint 3rd Ed, (pdf) 2016 - Provides information & resources to build a strong system of screening & assessment, ensuring children are provided what they need from professionals across disciplines. The PPT (pdf) from PEC 2017 provides historical context and support its use within communities. Summary of Blueprint (pdf)

Alternative Approaches for Literacy Fundamentals (pdf) - WDPI Sep 30, 2016

Exploring Options for Kindergarten Entrance Assessment (KEA) for the State of WI 2015 -Jan 2016 update (pdf)

Strategic Assessment (website) - By gathering and utilizing information from formative, interim, and summative assessments, a Strategic Assessment System ensures educators can directly impact student achievement.

Early Childhood Assessment: Why, What, and How (website) - This website provides the link to the Free downloadable version of this resource book.

Comprehensive Early Childhood Screening and Assessment Systems: Thinking Outside the Box, 2015 (pdf) - Article discussing a balanced assessment process that provides quality data to drive planning, both at the child level and across educational programs and institutions.

Recommendations & Guidance for Selection of Published Assessment Tools - Appendix B, (pdf) - pg 56 of Blueprint (item 1 above) this page provides guidance for selecting assessment tools that are used with children aged birth to 6.

Understanding & Choosing Assessments & Developmental Screeners for Young Children Ages 3-5: Profiles of Selected Measures (pdf) - A compendium that summarizes a variety of information, indlucing reliability and validity data for numerous tools used for assessing children age 2 1/2 - 6.

On-going Assessment Overview (video)- Presented by Mary McLean, Ph.D, this presentation reviews the many facets of assessment and discusses best practices.

An Early Childhood Balanced System of Screening & Assessment - (pdf) Universal screening (all developmental & content areas) should be conducted with all children for formative assessment (to guide instruction) and Child Find; use of multiple measures is recommended including a standardized screening tool that is easy to administer, score, & interpret. Also charts best practices for Screening/assessment by purpose.

On-going Assessment (video)- Mary McLean, Ph.D

Updated 04/13/2017