4K Community Approaches: Fiscal

Wisconsin Early Childhood Collaborating Partners provides fiscal information.

Financing Community Approaches to 4-Year-Old-Kindergarten (pdf) - Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, revised 2009 – A funding guide collaboratively developed to address the fiscal roles and responsibility for school districts and partnering child care or Head Start programs. The guide includes sections on understanding the funding sources categories to consider, funding implications for each program, sample interagency agreements, and other resources.

Financing for Community Approaches to Four-Year-Old Kindergarten
Linsmeier, 2008 – A funding guide to assist in determining the costs allocated to child care programs partnering to deliver 4K community approaches. The Questionnaire and Budget Worksheets were first developed by David Linsmeier, Executive Director, Mary Linsmeier Schools, Inc, while working on a Community Based Committee formed by the Fond du Lac School.

This information has been used by in consultation with several school districts including the Union Grove, Whitewater, and Hartland Lakeside School Districts. The sample data is a compilation of data from those school districts. The revenue and expenses change from year to year and from community to community. There are two parts to the material:

1. The questionnaire lists information that school districts and community agencies need to collect to compile the budgets. They are both in pdf format.

2. The Budget spreadsheet is an Excel document. There are three sheets in the Excel document. The first is School District Revenue and Expenses, the second is Community Agency Revenue and Expenses and the third is the 4K Operating Budget. The spreadsheet has sample data and uses formulas to calculate the budget. The cells highlighted in yellow can be changed so they reflect the revenue and expenses in a particular community.

Additional information:

DPI Policy and Information Advisory 08.01 FEBRUARY 2008: (pdf) This 4K Bulletin includes Question and Answers that provide information generally to 4-year-old kindergarten and especially to 4-year-old kindergarten implemented in community approaches with child care and Head Start.

Pre-K Now Research: from the PEW Charitable Trusts