4K Community Approaches: About

Why Develop the Community Approach?

The goal of the community approach is to achieve emotional, educational, societal, and medical well-being of all children.

This approach blends funding of public and private resources to distribute learning programs and resources community-wide more efficiently, and offers many benefits to children, families, schools, and communities.

The community approach allows families options in providing quality care and education to all four-year-olds, regardless of ability or family income.

The community approach preserves the health of the child care system in the community while generating additional state funds for the community to educate four-year-olds.

Schools are taking new approaches for universally available 4K that use a school-community interface. The key to expansion of 4K is the involvement of a broad range of community early childhood stakeholders.

Community approaches bring together community leaders representing business, schools, child care, Head Start, parents, recreation, and parent education to explore the issues and develop community-based approaches to 4K.

They are finding new and innovative approaches that may be school-based or community-based. For example, some communities have 4-year-old kindergartens located in a variety of settings including elementary schools, licensed child care centers, and Head Start programs. One approach has school teachers and support staff providing the 4K program in established community programs. In another approach, the school district contracts with established programs that have DPI-licensed teachers on staff to provide kindergarten.

DPI 4-Year-Old Kindergarten in Wisconsin

You can learn more about 4K and community approaches by visiting the Department of Public Instruction 4K Website. You will find more information including: districts with 4K, policy information, and more.

The Importance of Aligning 4K & 5K in WI (pdf)

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Updated 9/29/17